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          Welcome to Danyang Jiepai Tunnel lighting appliance factory!

          Service hotline:



          ABOUT US

          Danyang Jiepai tunnel lamps and lanterns Electrical Appliance Factory is located in the largest production base of lamps and lanterns in the country -- Danyang Jie Pai town. The company is located in Changzhou Airport (18 km) to the East (20 km) to the north of the Golden Port of the Yangtze River (20 km), and the south to Shanghai Nanjing high speed (16 km) and west to Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The traffic is convenient and the geographical position is unique.

          Our company is mainly engaged in the development, development and production of lamps and lanterns. After years of unremitting efforts, enterprises have formed several categories and dozens of serialized products, such as outdoor road lighting lamps, tunnel lamps and lanterns, special lamps and lanterns.

          The company with strict, innovative, good faith, enterprising as ...


          The tunnel lights are not only installed in our common tunnels, but also include underground passageways, railways and other places with lighting requirements. With the progress and development of ...
          Release time: 2018-05-15